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To select for a duty or office; appoint: firefighters assigned to the city's industrial park. See Synonyms at appoint. To set apart for a particular purpose or place in a particular category; designate: assigned the new species to an existing genus. See Synonyms at allocate. To give out as a task; allot: assigned homework to the class. To ascribe; attribute: assigned blame for the loss to a lack of good defense.

See Synonyms at attribute. To match or pair with: assign a value to each of the variables. Law To transfer property, rights, or interests from one to another. All rights reserved. Law to transfer one's right, interest, or title to property to someone else. Law also intr law formerly to transfer property to trustees so that it may be used for the benefit of creditors. Military military to allocate men or materials on a permanent basis.

Compare attach 6. Computer Science computing to place a value corresponding to a variable in a memory location. Often, assigns. See as - sign ]. To assign is to distribute available things, designating them to be given to or reserved for specific persons or purposes: to assign duties.

To allocate is to earmark or set aside parts of things available or expected in the future, each for a specific purpose: to allocate income to various expenses. To allot implies making restrictions as to amount, size, etc. Copyright, by Random House, Inc. See also attach. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense Switch to new thesaurus. Smith claims special tax exemptions because he is a foreign resident".

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Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Follow us.

assign with, assign to, assign (alone)

Choose a dictionary. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Usage explanations of natural written and spoken English. Word Lists. Choose your language. My word lists. Tell us about this example sentence:. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. C1 [ often passive ] to give a particular job or piece of work to someone:. The case has been assigned to our most senior officer.

If you assign a time for a job or activityyou decide it will be done during that time :. Have you assigned a day for the interviews yet? If you assign a characteristic or value to something, you say that it has it:. Each visitor to the site chooses an online alter egowhich is assigned a name. Detectives have been unable to assign a motive for the murder. The report assigned the blame for the accident to inadequate safety regulations.

Every available officer will be assigned to the investigation. The textbooks were assigned by the course director. Part of the group were assigned to clear land mines.Entry 1 of 2 transitive verb 1 : to transfer property to another especially in trust or for the benefit of creditors 2 a : to appoint to a post or duty assigned them to light duty assigned me two clerks b : to appoint as a duty or task assigns 20 pages for homework 3 : to fix or specify in correspondence or relationship : selectdesignate assign counsel to the defendant assign a value to the variable Though assigned male at birth, she appears most comfortable and in her element wearing a skirt and high-heeled sandals when riding a big-wheel or playing with a tea set.

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'assign. Send us feedback.

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See more words from the same century Dictionary Entries near assign assiege assiento assiette assign assignat assignation assigned risk. Accessed 16 Dec. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for assign assign. Entry 1 of 2 1 : to transfer property or rights to another the general practice by inventors of assigning patent rights — J.

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We're intent on clearing it up 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'? We're gonna stop you right there Literally How to use a word that literally drives some pe Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Listen to the words and spell through all three l Login or Register. Save Word. Keep scrolling for more. Synonyms for assign Synonyms: Verb chargecommissionentrust also intrusttasktrust Visit the Thesaurus for More.

assign with

Choose the Right Synonym for assign Verb ascribeattributeassignimputecredit mean to lay something to the account of a person or thing. Examples of assign in a Sentence Verb The teacher assigned us 50 math problems for homework!

She was assigned to the embassy in India. The new teacher was assigned to the science laboratory. The plane landed at its assigned gate. Here's how they can be improved," 12 Oct. First Known Use of assign Verb 13th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1 Noun 15th century, in the meaning defined above. Learn More about assign. Time Traveler for assign The first known use of assign was in the 13th century See more words from the same century.Log in Register.

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Thread starter cornetto Start date Feb 25, Hi guys, I have trouble with the preposition that should be used with assign. Is this correct? Thank you. Talant Senior Member In the middle of the night.

Yes, it's right. The structure is "assign a variable of value ". It's used in technical writtings to set values to variables In this case it means that in the "sites located in zone If you "assign something to X", that something belongs now to X.

It can be a task, a partner, a subordinate, a resource, So, if I have understood your explanation, my attempt was right but i could also use the preposition "to". Whizbang Senior Member Texas.

assign with

Hi Cornetto, I'm not that sure. It's not the value you're setting.

assign with

Is more that you have a lot of speed to split between different things, and you've decided to give 0. As it's not a resource, I don't think it's possible. Your attemp is right. Talant said:. You must log in or register to reply here.Betsy suggested we each assign our new identities without telling each other except our spouses.

It is difficult to assign the invention of any art or science definitely to any particular age or race. It was formerly the custom to assign the invention of algebra to the Greeks, but since the decipherment of the Rhind papyrus by Eisenlohr this view has changed, for in this work there are distinct signs of an algebraic analysis. This resolution of the original wave is the well-known "Principle of Huygens," and by its means he was enabled to prove the fundamental laws of optics, and to assign the correct construction for the direction of the extraordinary ray in uniaxial crystals.

It is impossible to assign any precise date for the beginning of the Hanseatic League or to name any single factor which explains the origin of that loose but effective federation of North German towns. It is then possible to assign to each body a specific coefficient of affinity. Yet it is impossible to hold that the Targum of Onkelos was the only representative of Targum tradition that existed among the Jews down to the 7th century A.

Should this be so, then if the ordinary Malay cats are the descendants of the jungle-cat, we shall have to assign the same ancestry to the Siamese breed. Like Varro, he survived Cicero by some years, but the tone and spirit in which his works are written assign him to the republican era. Murray inclines to assign it to Sir James Inglis, or an unknown priest of the name of Wedderburn. But here it becomes necessary to ask what is the precise meaning which we are to assign to the phrases, " to David," " to Asaph," " to the sons of Korah.

In stating constructively the doctrine of immortality we must assign altogether secondary importance to the metaphysical arguments from the nature of the soul. After introductions and the necessary sign-in paper work was complete it was decided to assign Ms. Turnbull a second floor room. Simply not knowing how the information is known doesn't assign the solution to the occult. Macgillivray did not, however, assign to this essential difference any systematic value.

To assign any specific date to the end of this formative age is of course impossible, but meaning by the end what has just been stated, we shall not be far wrong if we place it somewhere near the beginning of the 10th century.

The Metazoa form two main branches; one, Parazoa, is but a small unproductive stock comprising only the Phylum Porifera or Sponges; the other, the great stem of the animal series Enterozoa, gives rise to a large number of diverging Phyla which it is necessary to assign to two levels or grades - a lower, Enterocoela often called Coelenteraand a higher, Coelomocoela often called Coelomata.

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But against this explanation of the heading ry;p' 2 there is an almost insuperable objection; for, since both the first and second books contain psalms with this heading, it is clear that the " Chief Musician's - or Director's - Psalter " must have been in existence before either of these books; in which case, apart from the difficulty of the antiquity which we should be compelled to assign to this earliest Psalter, it is impossible to understand on what principle the first book of Psalms was formed.

As it does not appear that the above-mentioned rule of intercalation was ever regularly followed, it is impossible to assign exactly the days on which the different years begin.

On the other hand, the Prussians were new to the battlefield, and the reaction after the elation of victory was intense; moreover, if what happened at Hiihnerwasser affords a guide, the staff would have required some days to disentangle the units which had fought and to assign them fresh objectives.

It also becomes clear that only where such mental life really appears need we assign an independent existence, but that the purposes of everyday life as well as those of science are equally served if we deprive the material things outside of us of an independence, and assign to them merely a connected existence through the universal substance by the action of which alone they can appear to us.Oh, I already assigned that project to Nicole.

Since I was driving when we got into the accident, they assigned the blame to me. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. They assigned the new car to Roger. They assigned the new worker to the mail room. We were forced to assign the blame to Robert.

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They assigned the responsibility for the accident to the driver of the car. References in classic literature? Yes, Socrates, said Glaucon, and the whole of life is the only limit which wise men assign to the hearing of such discourses.

View in context. We will assign to them, as partners in the march, those lowly laborers and handicraftsmen, who have pined, as with a dying thirst, after the unattainable fountains of knowledge.

The attempts to arrive at a fair and equitable grade to assign to an individual student, without distorting either the student's standing in class or comparative ranking with students at that or other institutions, has proven to be one of the most difficult quests of the faculty member.

Fairness in Grading. The records retention module contains information about the record series or classification e. Applying Records Retention to Electronic Records. As indicated by Bright, a number of courts have acknowledged the relevance of such attributes and have determined what value, if any, to assign to them.

The species they assign to the new find, H. Fossil jaw offers clues to human ancestry. Idioms browser? Full browser?

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